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Web Design

The interface or design of your website is the first thing users will notice, so this is your big opportunity to make an impact. Beyond the aesthetics of the site, design dictates how information is displayed, an important factor in the usability of your site.

Markup and Coding

HTML is the framework of a website. HTML acts as the skeleton of the website and CSS provides all of the good looks and styling. Understanding both of these languages is critical in creating any basic, modern website. Having a firm grasp on web scripting languages like PHP is also key to building websites with extended functionality and features.

Logo Design

The main element to a company's or business' image is the logo. The logo is the first thing people will see and associate with your business. A great logo is elegant, clean, and not overly complicated. A well designed logo also inspires memorability which is critical for retaining customers and/or visitors to your website.

Content Management

A Conent Management System or "CMS" essentially allows for the separation of website design (look and feel), website structure (how it's built) and website content (the words and images on pages). This means that these three crucial elements of your site can be created and managed independently of one another, offering enourmous power and flexibility in comparison to 'static html' web pages. This means that you, the average website owner or manager, can create, edit and manage your website content whenever you like without any technical or programming experience. WordPress is another of the world's most popular and flexible Open Source Content Management Systems. From it's humble beginnings as a blogging template, it is now used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications, maintaining the super-user-friendly roots that made it so popular to begin with.