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August 22nd, 2011

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Wordpress First Blog post

Hey everyone! Welcome to my website. This blog will serve as an outlet for my thoughts, ideas, and learning experiences related to Web design/technologies. I will usually keep things short and sweet because writing isn’t one of my favorite things to do. My posts will primarily revolve around current projects that I’m working on and tutorials that I’ve stumbled upon that I want to share.


This website is the product of a long learning experience and a lot of changes made throughout the past year. The theme used here is my first complete WordPress theme I’ve designed from scratch. The design process helped me learn so much about WordPress and templating. I will definitely be making changes and improvements to aspects of the website/theme as time progresses.


With this being my last semester in college, I am going to begin working on my senior seminar project which is a web based IT warehouse inventory application for my school, Southern Connecticut State University. As a result, I will have less time to focus on ventures with new clients but I’m definitely excited about beginning work on a few projects I have lined up for friends.

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